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We are looking for 10 locals who want to shape up with our new 28 Day Transformation Challenge🏃🏻‍♀‍

Shred Fat, Build Lean Defined Muscle, Explode Your Fitness And Strength…

WITHOUT Doing Hours Of Boring Cardio!

During Your Program You’ll Learn…
  • How to quickly and permanently drop unwanted body weight so you can FEEL GREAT about what you see and when you look at yourself in your mirror.
  • How to dramatically tone up your body and increase your confidence WITHOUT starving yourself, purchasing any ‘special meals’ or taking any supplements.
  • Why almost everything you’ve ever learned or been told about dieting and weight loss is DEAD WRONG.
During Your Program Here's What You Get...
  • ​28 Days of Small Group Workout Sessions with a super cool trainer who makes people look forward to hitting the gym. 
  • 1on1 goal-setting consult to ensure you start off with the tools you need to feel empowered & motivated 
  • ​Accountability Coach to help keep Challengers on track when it gets hard - And remind them of how awesome they are. 😎 
  • ​EASY Meal Plan - Hundreds of healthy, delicious recipes explained in 30 seconds or less. NO starvation diets here either. People who exercise need to EAT…
  • ​It even includes a guide to eat out.

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A Message From Rene' Serrate
U First Fitness - Founder, CEO
My U First Fitness  28 Day Transformation Challenge is the same program our clients are saying “ works like magic!”✨
This challenge works so well I decided to create a special promotion to get more members of our community involved


I'm now accepting 10 new applicants to participate in November 2019!

This is the exclusive 28 day program you’ve heard about!

We’re leading a movement to help WOMEN by becoming healthier, leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident without having to eat chicken and broccoli out of a container or spending countless hours in the gym…

No powerlifters or bodybuilders here… just everyday people that want to live a healthy lifestyle, build defined lean muscle, reveal the abs, be surrounded by others just like them in a positive, motivating environment and still enjoy some wine or beers and your favorite food on the weekend.

Do you want in?

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Countless Success Stories.
"In just 28 days I feel like a new person! I can't believe how easy this has been.  I might have to buy all new clothes now because nothing fits anymore😀.  Thank you for all the coaching and support through my transformation".
Lin Y.
"All my life I have struggled with weight loss. Gaining & losing and yo-yo dieting. Thanks to you guys and this transformation challenge, I feel as though I finally have found a system and a place that will help me finally achieve all my weight loss goals, (and keep them)! You guys are awesome!!!"
Michelle K.
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The 28 day CHALLENGE

Apply Now For Your Transformation Pass

This is your defining moment.
You’re always ONE DECISION away from a totally different life!
our rock solid guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Simply follow our program and get results, or your money back… no questions asked, no drama!

IMPORTANT: Not everyone is a good fit for our program and we are not going to mislead you if it’s not for you. Most gyms will accept anyone with a credit card… we are very different. We only work with those that we truly believe we can provide a life changing experience for. If you would like to learn more and apply to see if you’re possibly a good fit for our services, click on the button below and begin the application process, it’s fast and easy so go ahead.

I'm Ready to Make a Change

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